In case you’re wondering…

Despite the fermentation setbacks, the May batch is moving forward. Here’s a shot I took to illustrate the color before and after it’s 5 days fermenting.


We went from a deep, brown molasses color to the light brown that you see on the left (and also below in the transfer photos). Also, the brix measurement has decreased to about 4.8. That means that, as long as we don’t mold, the batch will be a success. There’s only about 2.4% more ABV to be gained under ideal circumstances. If, at the end of this, I only lose 2.4% I’ll consider it a success. I’ll also be looking to increase my OG in the next run. I’d like to get it back into the mid/high 20s. I just underestimated the need for the 13 gallon batch. Right now it’s at about 7% ABV which will yield almost a gallon at 100% (which is unattainable, so the yield will likely still be over a gallon before we cut.

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