Is It Time?

Well, it’s been five years. Despite my best intentions there was no way to keep up the hobby and the blog in the face of new babies, new jobs and the occasional global pandemic. I’ve kept the site and the desire to move forward on the backburner for longer than I’d like to admit. I won’t say that it happened every week, or every month, but I’ve regularly asked myself, “Is it time?”. About two weeks ago, for the first time, the answer was, “Now’s as good a time as any.”. So, here we go again.

What’s the Plan?

Well, I have enough material to float a few posts with the work I’ve done over the past few years. I’m pleased to report that I’ve done more than a handful of distillation runs over the past few years. While it hasn’t been earth shattering, each one has been successful and I’ve been able to play with different techniques. Honestly, I’m a lot better than I was 5 years ago. Perhaps it’s the patience that is forced on you in order to successfully raise children, but I am able to take it slow and steady and to let the heat transfer that comes with evaporation control the still.

In addition to the work I’ve done in the past, I’ve completed the first iteration of my home fermentation lab. That’s right, it’s a really fancy name for the area in my workshop with all the fermenters. Calling it a labratory makes it legitimate, that’s what Dexter taught me in the late 90s. I want to spend some time honing the fermentation end of distillation. It’s not that the distillation process isn’t interesting or worth documenting, it’s that we can’t “quest for the perfect batch” without focusing, at least a bit, on the first three quarters of the process. I have a few projects in mind, so stay tuned.

I guess, by way of closing, I’ll say welcome back to the journal. WordPress tells me that I’ve had a single hit this month. It was likely a lost little lamb or a bot, but I’ll take it.

More to come.

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