It’s almost that Time

I know, I know…it’s taken forever. I’ve been talking about CQ for the better part of a month and have nothing to show for it but dashed hopes and excuses. That all ends today, my friends.

That’s right! I am the proud owner of about 12kg of Agave syrup. I was all gearing up to do the fermentation at my place, but my man, Mr. Deluxe, has asked to do it at his place. Since he was kind enough to procure the syrup I can’t break his heart. So here’s the plan.

1. Clean out the fermenter. I am only adding this step to the list in case there are rookies out there who want to try it and don’t want to wreck it. Make sure you’re sanitizing, kids.

2. Toss about 1.5 gallons of clean (boiled but cooled to room temp) water into the bottom of the fermenter. I’m doing this so that I have something to thin the syrup so I can mix it more easily.

3. Add all the syrup. It’s about 2 gallons. I still have some tiny little bottles so I may add that as well…probably not.

4. Make sure the yeast is warming up and get it activated. I want 1g of lalvin D47 per gallon. Since I’m doing 7 gallons, that’s 7g. It’s a pain because it comes in 5g baggies…but whatever, I’ll figure it out. We’ll call it just under 1.5 bags.

5. Approximately 1tsp of ELO per gallon, mix it in room temp water (probably also boiled, but that’s an abundance of caution). I’ll rehydrate with the instructions on the lalvin package.

6. Top up the fermenter to 7 gallons (water).

7. Pitch the yeast and stir.

8. Monitor regularly for 14 days.

Easy peasy, right? The party starts tonight so look for updates in the near future on the any changes to the plan. Once the recipe is in the fermenter I’ll also be adding it to the recipes page (for good or ill).

Damn, starting the first batch since the relaunch. It feels like old times!

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