4 Days In…

Checked in today, almost 96 hours into fermentation. Bubbles are still visible in the airlock about every 1.5 seconds. Ambient temperature is at 71.8 degrees celsius in the basement. The fermenter is sitting at 74.0/73.9. I’m a bit concerned that the low temperature is slowing things down, but progress is evident. ‘

The gravity is down to 1.110, which gives us about .66% ABV. It’s not a lot to show, but I have faith. I pulled some out of the fermenter via the racking arm to test and was surprised to see carbonation.

I am also pleased to report that it’s a-ok on the nose. Nothing untoward is brewing after my irregular sterilization. I tossed a blanket on the fermenter in the hope that I can trap some of the heat that the yeast is throwing off.

I’ll check it out tomorrow morning.

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