So, Where Are We?

It’s been a while, and truth be told it’s not going particularly well. I mean, it’s going…it’s just going slow. Here’s a snapshot of the last little while:

DatepHOG/SGInternal Temp (F)External Temp (F)ABV
July 288.81.11588.3undocumented (UD)0
Aug 1UD1.11074.173.66%
Aug 34.21.10678.1751.18%
Aug 63.81.19475.067.31.44%
Aug 113.81.09971.5722%
Aug 213.71.09568.269.62.6%
Consolidated from observations

Bubbles through the airlock have slowed significantly. It’s still fermenting, but you can see by the numbers that it’s slowing down a fair bit. I read up some more on the Lalvin d-47 and it does seem to prefer colder fermentation temperatures. That being said, we’re not really high. I suspect the ultimate culprit is the fact that the yeast has nothing to chew on. We need to find a way to spike the nutrients. Next stop, my local home brew shop. I will ask them how to solve the problem.

I know what you are thinking, and you’re right. I could have done this BEFORE the fermentation. I’m just obstinate. I will have to solicit help from someone with a bit more experience.

More to come soon.

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